QSBS Compliance
Made Easy

Tributum is a comprehensive private market investment compliance platform designed to help you track the QSBS (Section 1202 of the Internal Revenue Code) status of your investments. Discover how our software can help you stay compliant while maximizing tax benefits.

Tributum = Peace of Mind

Track Your Portfolio

Tributum tracks the QSBS eligibility of all your investments in real time.

Generate Tax Memos

Tributum compiles essential documents to support you should the IRS challenge your tax position.

Save Time

Tributum streamlines investment tracking, so you can stop scrambling for documents during company exits.

Maximize Tax Savings

Tributum helps you prove that you qualify for up to $10 million in tax-free gains on every eligible investment.

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Request access to the Tributum platform.


Import your portfolio

Use our nifty import tool to ingest historical investment information.


Track status

Tributum will track the QSBS status of every one of your investments.

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